How To Make an Order.

1. Fill out an order form which will be sent upon request, we will then check for stock availability

2.  Total cost of available dresses including shipping will be sent back  to you.

3. Customers with Deposit with us will get a priority for dresses reserved (Running queue by incoming Email respectively)

4. Customers with No Deposit, items will be reserved once full payment received. By the time payment received some of your choices might gone, you are welcome to selected alternatives choices to cover what you have paid.

***** Once we have your deposit or Full Payment, we will then reserve items ordered that are available,  Not all of your order will be reserved, subject to what are on stock. There are many orders coming each day, we work by incoming mail RESPECTIVELY. *****

5. Items Once reserved, We do not accept any Cancellation otherwise subject to charge. Deposit will be impounded. Please ensure before placing any order.

6.  Items will be shipped via FEDEX in 2 business days after payment is cleared.

Payment Method:  Western Union, T/T (Paypal is not Accepted)
Shipping Method: FEDEX


Q: What is you MOQ?
A: 30 pcs. (you can mixed the design)

Q: Do your dresses come in size S, M, L ?
A: Our Dresses are free size, no specific size as S M L. Until which size each dresses could be fitted to will be indicated in an order form.

Q: Where is an order form in your website?
A: Order form will be sent via email upon requested.

Q: Why do you need Deposit?
A: We do need deposit, because some customers made an order, we reserved and payment never been made.

Q: Can i make an order without Deposit with you?
A: Yes, You can. We will check the availability of your order,but items will be reserved only once we have your full payment or deposit.

Q: Why there are cancellation Fee?
A: Because once we reserve an items for you we might have to say no to the others who wants the same items. When you decide to cancel it, it too late to offer such items to the others as their transaction might all ready completed.

Q: How can i work out how much the dress will cost in my own currency?
A: We do sales on THAI BAHT, to convert to your currency kindly check it here:(this will give you a roughly idea how much it will cost:;to=USD;amt=1

Q: Do You accept partial Order?
A: Yes, We do accept partial order, Deposit required before placing your 1st order plus transaction much be completed within 10 days after 1st order made.

Q: Can i order below 30 pieces.
A: Yes, you can with a retail price. Please contact us for the pricing rate.

Q: Do i have to Pay Tax?
A: Tax is customers responsibility, Tax,if any,will be charge at your destination beyond our control.